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    [Music: Tocha / Lyric: Cyjan]

    The excitement is stronger,
    You can taste a disinfected scalpel,
    As you cut the abdominal tissue,
    It's your choice!
    Slow perpendicular cut
    Made with a surgeon-like precision,
    Haemorrhage is minimal,
    The tissue of peritoneum is to daylight.
    Perfect anaesthesia eliminates the pain,
    Operation covered by means of sleep,
    Only slight uncontrolled convulsions
    Caused by the next cut.
    Bent over human figures are
    Penetrating further,
    The next organ is exposed,
    Little blood-drops cover aprons of
    Surgeons equipped with instruments.
    The next part of tissue is torn,
    The fountain of blood spatters their faces,
    The trial to stop the haemorrhage
    Is not successful.
    But the operation goes on,
    Still new explorations,
    You are completely taken in,
    Your dream is fulfilled.
    All organs are torn and mixed,
    Sick show cost you
    The segregation of organs.
    But it's not the end,
    It should be cleaned up,
    The corpse has to be removed.
    The operation ends,
    All traces are cleaned,
    Hospital-like cleannes.
    Slight convulsions and you wake up,
    It was all pathological dream,
    You vomit with yellow pus,
    It's a sign of passing anaesthesia.

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