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    [Music: Maly / Lyrics: Cyjan]

    Seized in claws of unmerciful torsions you're shocked,
    Look around, splattered culture by bile from stomach,
    Lost souls are going for a walk to a land of ugliness,
    God is absent, his salvation is powerless.


    Look at yourself, you are in vomits, it's a beautiful view,
    Yellow mixture on your mouth embelishes you,
    Dignity, appearance are full of sympathy,
    It's a fragment of your life, and of your pride.


    Torsions-secret of life,
    Vomits-secret of pride.

    Your organism repeats regurgitation,
    Organs of digestion excrete bad smell.


    In the blood mood identity dies,
    Torsions are increasing, the last remains of vomits.


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