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    [Music: Tocha / Lyric: Cyjan]

    Lets take a look into the abyss of the abdomen,
    Anatomy of human body fills us with heat.
    We would love to eat that sodden meat,
    Enjoy the savour, and devour the delight.
    Physiology of stomach Is adequats
    To our pathological Procedure.
    Our desire aimed at that
    They are stronger than a rotten corpse's mind.
    Function of tissue is symbiosis for the system,
    Disembowelement brings a side effect.
    Let's pull the bowels out, it's quite a long piece,
    The most important element of the human course.
    Tearning the element all over
    The desire of seeing half-digested broken meat.
    Naked intestine wriggles like a snake,
    A worm gets outside-the unexpected element.
    Fleshy-slimy shell,
    A new world in the eyes of the worms.
    Basic instinct is to change a host,
    A new organism will will soon be infected.
    Someone else will admire this pathology,
    Inevitable end of the inner putrefaction.

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