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    [music: Tocha/Golab / lyrics: Cyjan]

    Rotten past in our minds, open the door of destiny,
    Magic step to unknown truth is a secret of ugliness.
    Rotten, grey memory brings the hideous recollection.

    When your present becomes past horror will come back,
    Our grey memory is possessed by rancid times.
    Rotten, grey memory brings the hideous recollection.

    Do you see your juicy blood, which flows down on youe past?
    Do you see your family, which was deprived of guts and limbs?

    Look into the past, terrible view,
    Ripped souls by chains of hate,
    Pale corpses rape your girlfriend,
    Her virginal womb tears off.

    No one can hear your screams,
    You remember love, you're all in tears

    You see dead friends and you begin to cry,
    You see dead world and you begin to vomit.
    You see dead life and you begin to scream,
    You see dead home and you begin to suffer

    [lead: Maly]

    In the grey memory,
    Past destroys your present.

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