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    Be a hero of the story. There's a girl you're madly in love with feeling that
    Is better than paradise. Nothing else matter; You spend with her all days
    Long. The air of night clubs enhances your relationship.... but little does
    She 'bout you, and she doesn't know the pleasure is. You're all alone in her
    Digs. You're going to show her your manliness. She doesn't resist. But then
    She gets a sudden pain instead of a summit heat. She can feel fire in her
    Chest. She is already unconscious when your razor blade moves from her heart
    To womb. You take her sexual organs out. You look at your work. You try to
    Pull bowels out, unsuccessfully however. They're too heavy and slimy so they
    Get back to their place. You penetrate her insides, tearing her heart out of
    The chest, part of her life you've tried to love. ... and then you waked up
    Bathed in sweat. It's all right now. It was just a stupid dream. Love goes on.

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