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    [music: CYJAN]
    [lyric: CYJAN]

    Bile flows from your uterus
    When I put my phallus into your pussy
    Beautiful ovarys excrete liquid
    Which still sucks my pretty sperm
    So many phallus were in your pussy
    You get haemorrhage, you have got rotten uterus
    I lick your cunt and rectum
    That's all I can do for you
    Your pussy is filthy, you must wash it
    Please give me your things I can change this
    I give you last chance I'll stop your bile
    So trust me and let me operate your pussy
    Haemorrhage, horrible pain
    Hideous hernia in your pussy, your uterus dies
    Putrefaction in your body, procreation dies
    You take pains, more and more,
    You groan loud, but this does not count
    Suffering you get effusion, putrid cell is gone
    Chance on life is very small, your blood is out of flesh
    Your life is finished, uterus is decayed
    Pretty young bitch is gone from this world
    Love game
    End of life
    Haemorrhage of uterus it's reason of death
    Pretty bitch is gone together with her pussy

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