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    Just like every July, Scott with his buddies and his girlfriend camped out in
    The forest. They left Willengton for a couple of days and plunged into the
    Open. It was on the first night out. Camp-fire sparked into sweltering
    Darkness. Scott got some beers from the car. No beer, no fun. Can after can.
    Alcohol was being drunk in a hurry. It's 2 a.m. No one was able to get the
    Tents or even put out the camp fire. After a hard drinking spree they felt
    Asleep just anywhere. Everything around changed in the morning.The camp-fire
    Made the forest burn. Scott lay next to the fire so his body reduced to ashes.
    His girlfriend lay half-naked on the stream-side. The fire consumed her
    Incompletely leaving no bones. Anyway, she couldn't survive. It was hard to
    Describe other bodies as they looked like burned dry twigs.'s over.

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