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    Stefan were on duty when the telephone ringed. Ambulance was needed. Someone
    Got run over. Stefan has been ambulance driver for 17 years. Never once has he
    Made any mistake. He got quickly to the place of incident. A young kid lied
    Under the wheel of a bus. His right leg lied 5 meters farther. It was an
    Unpleasant scene. The kid was still alive, though. He got carried over to the
    Ambulance very quick. Every minute was important. Stefan started the engine in
    A hurry. He made too much of being privileged on the road. He didn't manage to
    Stop the ambulance at the cross-roads. Driving 95 km/h he clashed together
    With a truck going from the opposite side. The ambulance got crushed. Stefan's
    Cranium, spine and ribs lie all around now. His intestines are too sticky and
    Thin to flow out of the driver's cabin. Stretcher splitted into pieces and
    Pierced the young kid's larynx.

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