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    Pretty luxury in the San Francisco airport. Boeing's prepared for its flight
    to Warsaw. Custom clearance is almost completed. 280 passengers go to the
    plane. They take their seats in comfortable arm-chairs. The machine takes off.
    It reaches 7000 metres in half an hour. Inside the plane there's a video-movie
    on. Pretty stewardesses deliver cool drinks. The flight is pleasant. There's
    nearly one hour left till the end of the flight. The navigator gets an
    information on from the computer that an engine's damaged. the plane flies
    down. There's too little time to take control of the situation. The plane
    crushed somewhere in the forest. 198 people die at once. The spines get
    severed from the base of the skull. it's impossible to survive it. The rest
    fights for their lives. Branches pierced into someone's orbitals, yet brain
    lives on. Someone else lost his legs, but still adhere on fragments of his
    trousers. On the other side a young man escaped unhurt, but can't a move. He's
    pressed down by 120 kilogrammes of bowels, lungs and kidneys of other
    passengers. Some where else there's a young girl who coughed out a few
    centimeters of her intestines.

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