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    With the knife in your back and a grin on my face
    We are flying towards the sun, to erase what we have done
    So alone dreaming inside means to hide
    Far from grace my mind is saved
    Once upon my shell remains here
    As all the shit I did showed me that it was wrong
    Inside the fire I did make it clear
    That I am a sinner before myself, dealing with hopes
    Now that I've understood what freedom is about,
    I started to react in such a perfect way
    No one ever survives this awful situation
    We call substantly arrogance for one last day
    Welcome me, we could never see what is within us
    Seduce me, with what you need to stay in oblivion
    Follow me to this room and let me lock the door
    Pride is gone, nothing happens anymore inside of me
    But I conquered another world
    Blue turns black as white created grey
    My negative mind formed the genesis behind
    I bite myself until I will awake
    From my sickest dreams with wrath and crime
    I can't let them go, they belong to me
    Again we play, again they die again they make me smile
    No helping hand did get me back, I am lost in the trees
    Will I return home? Is it yet too late? Nobody hears me sigh
    I won't give up, it's not my end something will happen
    Stay away my anger is completely fed
    Nothing will make a sound when all of you are falling down
    Give me just one more knife
    And I will end your lives as you stayed in the frontlines
    Open your eyes, it's over now. I hope that no one survived
    Take my hand, it's really over. Now you can really hate me
    I won't tell the truth. I lie to you. Everything is all right.

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