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    Spit all the pain out, slit your own throat
    Watch catharsis coming nearer, fading slowly away
    Get tranquill and silent, everything is passing by
    So much went wrong (loosing faith)
    The time has come (loosing hope)
    Nothing more to say (poor individual)
    Age won't come (the mind is tired)
    Open fearful your bright eyes, still the heart is cold as stone
    Still the hole is open, it will never be closed again
    So easy to hurt a kid, the soul is broken, unrepairable
    The mechanoid is out of order
    No chance to move the extremeties
    Speech turns into fragments of words
    Burning down a mothers heart (if not silent)
    The ears won't hear joy anymore
    The fingers will just tough poisoned thorns
    The mouth just spitting out fear
    The eyes just seeing red
    Only one possibility left
    Living in this world of plagues no more
    Just a child's suicide
    Could save it's mind

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