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    So much goes wrong, so much brings me down
    I'll just leave this shit, try to find new things that count
    So hard to keep myself sane and not to show my mind to others
    So easy to swallow the sorrow, but one day I will choke
    Raping life's rules make me feel
    A near end experience
    A fear to change this situation
    Is stronger than all pain
    People say catharsis means to hurt yourself
    Both ways will do, which one shall I walk?
    I am unclean, full of doubts, but this will fucking change
    To be consequent is hard but fais
    There are seven days left and still it is a question of execution
    The times of cowards are over, I must show strength
    A new-born mind on fire
    To resist the seduction, do it to free yourself

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