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    My weapens are pen and calculator
    To divide the good from the bad
    Rawness isn't sexy, the beginning of the fall of Babylon
    Congratulations motherfucker
    What you did, you did wrong
    Wiht my own eyes I saw
    With my own ears I heard
    That your world perverted more
    That's what I can't accept
    The exorcist inside of me tells me what to do
    To divide the good from the bad
    Helplessness is needful to break one more being
    Sorry motherfucker, I can't leave your life as it is
    All that I've tried made me insane
    Why should I stand near you, see you drowning?
    Don't want my help?
    Then I'll send you to hell
    I must start a war
    To get you back on earth

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