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    Look into the mirror and tell me
    What kind of pictures do you see?
    Disturbing and awful or clear and beautiful?
    Again moving towards the end
    Or a beginning that makes you smile?
    Expensive heartbreak getting more and more
    The mind seems to be erased and sour
    A decade of misgiving soon begins
    With a cold heart the first cluster arrives
    One step closer to the end
    One mile far from choice
    I will do a sacrifice when you will do a sacrifice
    An empire falls in glory and blight
    Spring hasn't yet arrived
    Soon the sun will shine
    And life will flood my veins
    The last aspiration comes true
    Approved: the wish for a change
    Reaching grace by by a fire-weapon
    But this is murdering myself
    The spreaded sugar tastes bitter
    And so your blood does taste

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