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    Brace yourselves, everyone! We've got a whore on our hands.
    Fasten your seat belts. Grab your loved ones, do anything you can.
    It's impressive how you've managed to destroy my world again.
    But this time baby, I know how it ends.
    And it's on love you that I'm hellbent.
    I'll play the lover, you play the liar and we'll lie like lovers do.
    How much longer must I remain convinced that I'd die without you.
    Rest-assured last time I checked I had it all under control.
    I may be drunk and my judgement may be fucked but I've been blessed with good looks.
    God said true true love would save me, somehow.
    I've got just one questions, where's my savior now? Follow to where your inner thighs desire.
    I can't stop you...

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