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    The Romeo that you knew is dead. And It can't get worse than this.
    I am a sorry excuse for a fucking hero. I am not, I am without, I am never was.
    Oh, how you terrify!
    With love bundled up in the backseat, and worthless confined.
    In the trunk, somewhere worse is where I should've ended up.
    I guess it's just my luck that I don't know how to love,
    But only how to fuck things up, all these things up.
    Sin is the new black, and it licks it's eager lips.
    It loves how innocence tastes, it can't get worse than this. This matinee is gonna be a killer!
    I was living a lie, now I'm dying to know the truth were his lips as soft as mine.
    Did he make it so you found it hard to breathe, did he sweep you off your feet?
    And I believe something tells me the finale will be something to see.
    Bring me back.

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