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    1st of May sister- put that record on
    and dance thru the rooms
    of the house of your dreams
    there's not much 'round here that's half
    as pretty as it seems
    but it gets bigger
    and it gets better
    so put that record on and dance until
    the sadness is gone
    and they say sister
    they say all is fine
    truth or lie, sister, they say all is fine
    well here's the laughter
    and here's the sore throat
    and here's another one of the only kind
    that will ever grow here
    and the air is full of...
    mark my words and sleep
    - the air holds nothing
    so ten years of falling down is nothing, now?
    ten years of feeling sick is nothing?
    Well I spy an eye for an eye and
    a tooth for a tooth in you
    and I spy clear skies all over
    and I spy a life repeating itself in you
    so he might say "- I remember a feverish night
    when she would cling to the walls
    and talk like a child
    and that car travel under the beautiful sky
    that car travel into the longest of nights
    and the air was full of
    poisoned words
    and the record's broken
    and as I walk through every room of my life,
    thinking I can never take the edge of anything
    and shape it to a perfect ball
    and let it roll down the hall
    to knock all this shit out of my way,
    the sun brakes thru,
    the sun brakes thru
    and I see you/Isee you like always
    like every day
    and still I dance thru the rooms
    of the house of my dreams
    nothing 'round here is
    half as pretty as it seems
    and it won't get bigger
    it won't get better
    but put that record on and dance with me
    Until the Sadness Is Gone

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