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    All these graycoated mornings pass
    just like water poured on wax
    you watch the sun make another lap
    then fall into this gap of nothingness
    where everything's prefab and everything's dead
    and every little thing get's inside your
    as you watch these graycoated mornings
    and it feels just like you feed on broken

    walking through the kitchen now
    all a mess and maybe somehow
    this could be like the saddest story
    - the one about the redhead and her family,
    choking on the things they say
    like one line of good words could save the day

    and summer comes
    to knock me off my feet
    you will be gone
    but still inside of me
    I'll pin your words
    of sadness and grief
    into my skin
    until you're within

    all these graycoated mornings pass
    like none of this won't ever last
    you're hanging in the air 'round here
    like a thought that slowly disappears
    and when I saw your silhouette climb the hill
    from the top of the boat, my heart stood still
    but I won't cry
    I'm not crying, honey
    I'm dying

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