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    Yeah  1 2 1 2  
    Ha  let you know how I do  
    Verse 1: Dray  Skoob  
    Holy smokes  cheerio chap  I'm makin toe taps so watch the birdie  
    Now check it how I wreck it like a demolitian derby  
    wit the Books  oops tutz  I used to live on Bedford  
    but now I rocks the microphone and chill like Robert Redford  
    So bring it cos I can swing a kid like Reggie Jackson  
    I got the backs 'n' bones but now I needs some action  
    Aiyo you can call me Plato because my style is in there  
    and I'll dig in that anus, man, as if my name was 'swimwear'  
    See I rock a hoodie sweater, more wood than Woody Pecker  
    I twist it like an ankle, G, or maybe Chubby Checker  
    In LA I hit the chronic, I'm super like the Sonics  
    I jab you with the left and swing a hook without the phonics  
    Okey dokey, hocus pocus, I make the dopest MC call a timeout  
    Cos yo I rip the shit out when it's time to throw my rhyme out  
    I'm twisted, my flow'll make you dizzy like Gillespie  
    If ya test me I rip and flip ya script and then I jet-sy  
    Yo I be rippin it like I get busy, I gymnastics when my raps gets  
    I slams a punk like Jordan slams a dunk wit the basket  
    Ballsy, I got ya all three ???? so  
    Fuck it what you heard, you need to get with what you're hearin yo  
    Down down down down  
    Make way for the undaground rappa  
    Down down down down  
    ........undaground rappa  
    Down down down down  
    Make way for the undaground rappa  
    Down down down down  
    (*All I need is just a mic and a track*)  
    Verse 2: Dray, Skoob  
    Aiyo, my crew is top notch, I smell like sasquatch, that's why I rip  
    My crew be on the hustle plus we tighter than a zip lock  
    I freaks it vice-versa or maybe versa-vice-a  
    It really doesn't matter, kid, you're sleepin cos I'm nicer  
    I'm growin lime to a lemon to break inside your car  
    See when I be on the block I'm like that nigga Agent R  
    Cos when I talk, niggas listen, I rip til I drizz em  
    Perhaps Jack, I make you wanna clap to the rhythm  
    Well yo, I'm wicked, not Jimminy Cricket or Davy Crockett  
    Some niggas wanna rock it when they think that I'm block it  
    wit my grammar, cos yo I am a super flower  
    Ya best ta back the hell up when I swell up like a boa  
    constrictor, cos yo I rip tha mic in half, G  
    Even if I slowed up your couldn't pass me  
    Well hello there momma, you better be bringin the drama to a pause  
    like a comma or I'ma have to drop you like some drawers  
    So hey hey hey, you thought I was just another bat like JJ  
    cos I be usin a *?calender?* stupider dishin nay-nays  
    So what's the way I'm flippin like a double-header drinkin  
    I rolls two spliffs so now I guess I'm double jointed  
    Verse 3: Dray, Skoob  
    I be the devious, mischevious kid believe-me-est  
    Not the move to rip cos in a drip I freaks the sleaziest  
    Rappa-tight funk, punk I be rippin  
    Niggas know my name I got more game than Scottie Pippen  
    Yo I be kickin it to the optic, grins for-min when I'm knockin skins  
    on niggas who be clockin ends, oh next I guess I rock a Benz  
    But now I be em, niggas be like "Oh did ya see him?"  
    I'm creepy, I'm kooky and plus I make you scream  
    See I don't understand why niggas be wantin to do me  
    You don't arouse me kid, you're softer than that Cosby kid Rudy  
    Huxtable, I bust a fuse like turns on a drum pattern  
    That one rings around that ass, G, like Saturn  

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