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    featuring PMD  
    One for the treble  two for the bass  
    P M D let's rock this place  
    [Parrish "PMD" Smith]  
    Return lies the power  try to push up and get devoured  
    To pushin power  black Explorer with the Eddie Bauer  
    XL  el reefer puffer sells  
    My name ring bells and my vocal tracks the third wails  
    Dwell  stale mad plus I make now  
    No details  first class flight with the females  
    EPMD dot com  spread as e-mail  
    Stocks retail, push the quality S-T-L  
    You know the scoop now when I swoop down  
    Blast or shoot now, Hit Squad set the route down  
    from Hot 9-7 to 1-0-6 daily mix  
    Parrish Smith handlin biz like a clerk, kid  
    DAS EFX (are the best)  
    (Rock the speaker) D-E-F-X  
    Yeah, yeah, yeah  
    I riggity-roll when I rock, rock when I roll  
    Like DMC it's the Devastatin Mic Control  
    I never fold under pressure, time to get ill  
    Diggy Das hold it down, kid, you know that we're real  
    I rolled up, strolled up, put my cigarette out  
    Peep shorty on my left tryin to figure me out  
    'How to get up in that ass?' what I'm thinkin about  
    In the biggity-black Benz just diggin her out  
    B-boy style (what what??), you know we're all wild  
    Biggity-back from the sewer, check the profile  
    The doe-getter, the show-ripper, the flow-setter  
    My flow sicker, keep it drunk like some liquor  
    Yo, yo, yo  
    Hit Squad, usu-al suspects who bust necks  
    Love sex, wriggity-wreck these thugs and roughnecks  
    In these, dark streets (yo yo), my Squad creep  
    Mob deep, discharge thee and leave him on the concrete  
    By the light I got chicks that sound alright  
    They buy me ice, porbably in the phone books of Heidi Fleiss  
    Abara-cadabara, turn skin to battlescars  
    In your face like [BREAK] Alomar  
    nasty like caviar, glass MC's I shatter y'all  
    Lyrical sabotage, peace to Aguilar  
    Roll l's for my thuns from the slums to the town  
    (Brooklyn) Where I'm from, got me numb to the world  

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