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    No doubt (no doubt)  no doubt  ahh  
    Sewer rats in ya area (feel that)  
    (Worldwide) bout to make things scarier (No doubt)  
    (Diggy Das) Diggy Das  
    (Generation) Yo  yo  yo  
    If iggity I shine then you shine  
    E'rybody shine  niggity nuttin but the money on the mind  
    If I shine then you shine  
    E'rybody shine  niggity nuttin but the money on the mind  
    If I shine then you shine  
    E'rybody shine  niggity nuttin but the money on the mind  
    If I shine then you shine  
    E'rybody shine, niggity-nuttin but the money on the mind  
    Verse One: Dray  
    Well iggity-ashes to ashes and dust to dust  
    I'm miggity-makin all the money everytime I bust  
    No fuss, fully blown, Benz fully chrome  
    Flips celly phone, Diggy Das, once again it's on  
    It's Dray Boogie, no rookie, a tough cookie  
    Biggity-blow the spot everytime they book me  
    The big boys we're makin big noise  
    Biggity-bubblin and pushin big toys  
    >From the corner to the stage, front page  
    Riggity-rockin the age, dropped the dime, please  
    So give a toast to the host, East Coast  
    West Coast, this here's just a small dose  
    Jump in the square this year, we take the whole pie  
    No lie, the platinum and the gold eye  
    Keep it jumpin, got the beat thumpin, pumpin  
    Yiggity-yes y'all, I know one thing  
    Verse Two: Skoob  
    Yo, yo  
    I pliggity-play the back like a NFL safety  
    I wiggity-won't let the game break me even though the game's shaky  
    and the player's flaky, they niggity-need someone to boss em  
    Set up my office now e'rybody flossin  
    If niggas is hot, I'm ultraviolet  
    If niggas is fly then I'm the pilot, friggity-frequent flier mileage  
    Cash flowin, over throwin, motor rollin  
    Play the low and keepin niggas not knowin, yo  
    It's like the wind beneath my wing, everything that I sing  
    kid, I'ma bring, so let me do my thing  
    Knock the bastard, smiggity-smack it out the park, right  
    Sewer rats, tiggity-tales from the darkside archive  
    Verse Three: Dray, Skoob  
    You buy the stocks off some sideblocks and buy Glocks to fight cops  
    Buy spots, niggity-never ever ride jocks  
    Bubblegoose, fat Benz, fat Timbs  
    Fat ends, fat rings, biggity-best scams  
    We got a fool-proof hustle, lotta muscle  
    So miggity-make sure to put the money in the duffle  
    What's miggity-mines is yours and yours is mines  
    If iggity-I shine then you shine, the crew shine  
    You rock the Benz, son, I rock the Range  
    Giggity-got nuttin to lose and e'rything to gain, I'm sayin  
    forget the pain and the struggle, and all the trouble  
    Up in the jungle wit my man now we're seein double  

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