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    Rite now - shiggity-show em how my crew get down
    Rite now - das efx puttin it down
    Rite now - e'rybody raise it up
    Rite now - we about to blaze it up

    Verse one: dray, skoob

    Diggity-drop the new talk, from jersey and new york
    We holdin down the fort in the sport, what y'all thought?
    Diggy-das what? lick off shots and hip-hop
    It don't stop, I riggity-rock blocks when my shit drop

    Boogie bang banger, cock back the rap hammer
    Bust grammar, I stay bent like a coathanger
    (niggity-no manners) up in here with my skullie on
    Fully on, riggity-rockin fatigues like desert storm

    Yo, figgity-face it, we lace it, far from basic
    Taste it, shine like diamonds in ya bracelet
    (higgity-hey kid) me and my squad about to blow
    Let it go, briggity-bringin the hook and let em know


    Verse two: skoob, dray

    Yo, yo
    I bought a glock off a puerto rock (where? )
    Off a block and fo' green back when I was 14
    Now my thug's punk crilli, the thug willies
    We're mack milli, cowardly cats get smacked silly
    Wanna beef? get back, on and the street get splashed
    From your cheek, past your ass til your feet.....
    Crab nigga duck shiggity-shots from the aimed glocks
    Fall on your head like raindrops til your brain pops

    Yo yo
    I got a chick that'll lie for me
    Die for me, shoot ya in your eye for me
    Get high with me, the unfadeable, ungradeable
    You wiggity-waste your time cos I'm unrateable
    See, figgity-find me in the benz on the backstreet
    Listenin to blackstreet, fuckin in the back seat
    What? '98 thug mania, bring the pain to ya
    And ain't no savin ya when I start blazin ya

    Hook (x1 1/2)

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