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    Verse 1: dray

    I gotta suprise-uh, I is a bit wiser, oh yes I gets biz, g
    I mention I sling the slang wit me and my man just like it's a frisbee
    Ya flimsy, my thinga-majig is the illest, I throw it like willis
    Heiman, when I'm rhymin I'm makin the pape's like simon
    Says ta, my stick it ta master, I still be the best-a
    I figgity [fuck] the flame but in the sun, now time for esther
    So hi-ho I'm silver, I'm makin the pape's when I kicks
    The [shit] that'll make you muck when I lose his fleas, lice and his ticks
    For the chicks, I be on my good foot, check it, that ass kicks
    So yibbida yabber yoozy, [fuck] that floozy suzy chapstick
    So here boy, here boy, come get some, it's krazy
    I'm swingin my dukes of hazard just like ? ? ? ? on daisy
    I'm swayze

    Hook (x8):

    (*rappaz just ain't what they used to be*)

    Verse 2: books

    I hears ya snorin, you niggas is sleepin, nighty nighty
    Lord almighty, I'm bringin it live g, see I be
    Rippin and flippin a tongue but some niggas don't seems to digs me
    So I switch, b, like billy bigsby cos I'm the [shit], g
    U hoo dixie, they dribblin in they timberlands
    I criminal mix styles, oh I flow like adrenaline
    Yikes man, the nigga is nice man so thinkin I lost it
    But I hypin crews wit the bass then they crossed it
    So hip hip hooray, wantin me while I do a
    New way to school a new jay, you say
    "holy shamrocks, the man rocks with no beat or ham hocks"
    Oh yes-in, send the rest in, peace to grandpops

    Hook (x8)

    Verse 3: dray

    Well um, knock knock, who's that? guess what? my crew's back
    Rippin the hip-hop, penelope pitstop
    Doin the bitin, the shit I be writin, you're givin me rabies
    They oughta be usin my trims for sperm and makin babies
    Hey ladies, I know a-b's, I'm makin cd's
    I heard you was eatin your spinach kid, you better be eatin your weeties
    Comprendo, so let your friends know I'm losin my noodle
    Cos when it be time to doodle, I lose my scruples, ask my pupils
    I'm the slippery slang slipper, quick tp rip a qb
    Shooby dooby dooby, I do that new g
    So you be kool & the gang and I puts my slang in
    Hangin loosely, oh yes g, niggas be tryin to test me

    Hook (x8)

    Verse 4: books

    Hear ye, don't look any further g, see he here is
    Still mic checkin [shit], still dead serious
    Hello there, I didn't go nowhere, whatup with the static g?
    I be damagin niggas' fronts like them creases in your cavity
    For real though, jumpin jallopy's huh, I'm robbin that hockey huh
    I drop these bumpy cos my style is knock-kneed
    So me and my-a, i's flyer then the witches sweeper
    Deep, as keep ya's drunk, jump into it like aretha
    I boogie bang bang the thang like a cramp style slant
    Niggas be tryin to hang but they can't g
    Will agains, I'm gettin elegant with the skill again
    It don't mean a thang if I ain't got my philly friend

    Hook (x8)

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