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    Chorus: das efx & mobb deep

    Miggity microphone master, funky rhyme maker
    Miggity microphone master, and we the niggas making paper
    Miggity microphone master, yeah about to get live
    Striggity straight from the sewer and the 41st side

    Verse one: prodigy

    The infamous mobb and das now listen
    Stick you for the only pot you got to piss in
    Rapping school, keep the key in the ignition
    When we get back nigga, we shine and glisten
    Your seven do his thing with percision
    No time for broke living, I'm trying to see addition
    Food to fill my kitchen
    So faggot kids snitch and give info
    Do a drive by in a stolen black pinto
    With tinted windows, bullets will flury through your system
    Your man ran looking for him because he missed him
    But catch him on the rebound but see now
    Trying to get this money or try to stop me, what's it gonna be now?
    You stand up to my crew and get laid down
    On the ground with teh big four pound, he hear the sound
    On the other side of town, where caps get peeled
    Break you off love love, give you something to feel
    Das efx, mobb deep, niggas holding it down
    Run and flex ask mc's ? john be down?
    Eager to please rap niggas get back smacked with pist-als
    Forced to exile, back in the nile

    Verse two: dray

    Well now ease up selector, I bring it on again
    This is for all my niggas doing time up in the fucking pen
    How y'all been? I can't forget my niggas who got left back, f that
    And all my honeys chilling out in lefrack
    Sent this, we gets busy with no followers
    Stomp you then you throw the towel up, make you roll the owl up
    Niggas mount up, it's the infamous with the sewer
    Go to queens and get my weed for one cent and ? ? ?
    Check one two ah, blew ya, out the box like stella
    Coming from the under with the thunder like shelly
    Really, we coming deep just like the mobb
    Nigga, rhyming is my job but you can wind up getting robbed
    Anyway, in a day, or night it don't matter
    It's me that nigga p, how fick and a jibba jabba-
    Jaw, we bring it raw without a doubt
    It's the infamous and das efx here to turn it out

    Chorus x2

    Verse three: havoc

    Ayo kid what you gonna do with that black deuce deuce?
    Hit you up, take the cash, and slug through the roof
    Taking yours to survive, it's all a matter of time
    I'm snatching, living grimey, running never look back
    The buddha evil got me acting like that
    Life ain't a game, the streets is mortal combat
    I wasn't blessed with the silver spoon
    Since my born I was doomed to find to one room
    Now you's a customer, copping for natural born hustlers
    That's what he thought, son, stupid kid you get extorted
    Stop smiling, be still don't nothing move but the money
    The infamous gat clappers and mic masters

    Verse four: scoob

    Well fuck around and I'm a higgity hit ya with hickory diculous
    Sick a niggas style, twisted off the licorous
    I'll figure it's the books, iggity off the hook
    Holding shit down son, we keeping niggas shook
    I got it made like flaunt, fatigue on
    My man slipped up and got bagged for three bones
    Oh my god, the squiggity squad is in the place
    With the mobb, niggas can get robbed like mase
    Taste the terror for the leather in the beemer
    The olde e abuser, can't fuck with ? ceeno?
    The non-pop singer from the land of rock slingers
    Where shit is hotter than gunsmoke from niggas glocks
    I rip shit for sun so come one come all
    Mc's will get mad, burned like jamal
    Live in ym television from the cellar to the attic
    It's the books, crazy dray-z, prodigy, and fucking havoc and it don't stop

    Chorus x4

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