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    Riggidy-raow, ziggidy gadzuks, here I go, so
    Fliggedy-flame on, g-geronimo, yo
    I biggedy-burn riggedy-rubber when I blabber great
    I miggedy-make the wonder twins deactivate
    It's crazy, I'm biggedy-breakin' backs and bustin' lips
    I friggedy-freaked gladys knight and those freakin' pips
    Shrimps, I miggedy-make enough noise like bamm-bamm
    Throw boulders from bedrock you'll get dropped, I slam man
    So check it
    I riggedy-wreck it quick, aw shucks
    I giddedy-got the big ducks like daddy warbucks
    I riggedy-rocked the coca-cabana
    Banana split
    {hack-tho} spit, so sit
    I friggedy-freak it from here to bangladesh
    I riggedy-rippin' flesh plus I get fresh like this
    Swish, swiggedy-swooshed kid, you'll get it done
    Swooshed for fun, I riggedy-rhyme like no one
    I biggedy-bum riggedy-rush chiggedy-chumps, I'm savage
    I shake 'em up and down like the down jones average
    I'm cocky, like rocky, I biggedy-bangs the best
    So tiggedy-tell your friend, chump, 'cause here comes das efx

    A-higgedy-hoy there matey, I giggedy-gots to flow
    My saturday nights are live-er than joe piscopo
    So yo, siggedy-save the bait for charlie tuna
    See I be the boogie banger, like esiason's the boomer
    I'm higgedy-hots to trot, I giggedy-gots the motts
    Jewels plus dreads, so toots, call me goldilocks
    I ciggedy-catch the scoop from peter jennings
    Do a spin like the mag and I slide like peggy fleming
    Or a smiggedy-smack a fag and choke 'em up until he squeals
    I hawiian punched the captain and now I'm maxing with tenille
    I piggedy-pack steel, I got a big gun
    I'm freaking the track from brooklyn, yo, 'cause brooklyn's where I'm from

    Tiggedy-time to get buck wild
    Call me butterfingers, 'cause I dippedy-drop 'nuff styles
    Iggedy eeny meeny miney moe
    Shiggedy-bop, bap I'll snatch a rapper by his toe
    I riggedy-write my pages when I figgedy-feel the flavor
    I fliggedy-fly the friendly skies, so now I be a sky pager
    I friggedy-freaked the funka
    The rough nestle cruncher, word to arch bunker
    Give me the mike and I'll liggedy-light it up like uncle fester
    Microphone checka, one two checka
    I tiggedy take no shorts, I'm not the fella
    I can even act: stella, stella
    Yo stella, here ciggedy-comes the bum rush, maybe
    No static, I niggedy-knows more kids than um, bebe
    So higgedy-hey hey hey not dwayne but I got props
    I biggedy-bust rhymes like slick rick busts shots
    So when I friggedy-freaks the funk, I'll be the I'll funk freaka
    I stiggedy-stole an apple from this bum named bonita
    So riggedy-rub-a-dub I got the lip to make ya flip
    Bustin heads with erik sherman and my man parish smith

    Kiggedy-kiss my grits, check the jingle
    I diggedy-don't bruise but snooze like rip van winkle
    So twinkle, twinkle, twinkle little star
    I sliggedy-slam dunk like kareem abdul-jabbar
    Numbskull, I piggedy-pump up like reebok pumps
    I friggedy-freak the stuff that makes a camel lose his humps, chumps
    So wiggedy-where's the beef, um chief
    He figgedy-fits the mold like the gold that's on his teeth
    I rocks 'em, I socks 'em, I drops 'em, ah-choo
    So riggedy-ready sit down, hut one, hut two
    I diggedy dot my i's, and cross my tiggedy-t's, bro
    I swiggedy-swing more action than hawaii five-o

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