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    Looseys, I remember loosey (x8)

    Well, bust how I'm flippin, flappin
    Rippin up the rappin
    Look at the way I kick it, I'm wicked, it happen
    One night in manhatten, chillin, buggin
    Me and some of the crew went around to this club and
    Peeped it, scoped it, hope the shit was rockin
    Stuns by the bunch had the hunch they was clockin
    Stepped up, dressed up, the young got some weed back
    Honey got done then begun talkin to me, jack
    I kicked slang to her, all my niggas knew her
    I wanted to gas ahead and take her back to the sewer
    To do her, screw her
    I knew I had to hush
    When I felt my belly drop and the spot turned to mush
    Um, shush shush, I need me a push
    I felt loosey bubblin, trouble in my tush
    Then the gush came gushin, rushin, splat!
    The juice hooked my davy d's quick like that
    Smack, I biggity-broke my bitch from behind
    Tried ta shake it, fake it
    But yo I couldn't hide from...


    Well, dosey-do your partner as I start the intro
    Cos nobody does it better, correcta-mondo
    Back in '86 I was dick with the skills
    Playin ball in the gym with my nigga from the ville
    I was runnin it like the trooper, had no time to play the small cat
    I had it goin on, word to mother I was all that, black
    So one day, believe it or not, I'm chillin
    I was playin against these niggas from the bronx for some chitlins
    So bust it, I'm in it with my coojas, gimme the rock, g
    I float like a butterfly and kick like karate
    I scored 26, I caught a fake and now I'm audi
    I'm takin it to the hoop and then this kid tried to foul me
    (haaa!) boom to the gutter, I hit the floor, I wanted to flip
    I couldn't, damn, all of a sudden I had to shit
    So I dipped to the sewer, I couldn't control the shit because it
    Slipped past my dick, drip drip like a faucet
    Down past my shorts and hit the court and all of a sudden
    Girls were gettin sick, all my niggas they was buggin
    I made it to the bowl leavin behind a trail of dookie
    My drawers are soakin wet and I'll never forget the day I met....

    Hook to fade

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