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    Bring it in one time, solid scheme

    Hook: (x3)

    (gotta story to tell y'all)
    (here's a lil' story I got ta do)

    Verse 1: books

    Well say hello to the bad guy or am I or [shit] cos I'm ya
    Local slinger swinger, quick ta bring the drama
    Plus not takin the sweat but test me if ya wanna
    I'm baggin kids up like they bag that chick t'wanna
    *? prawley? *, some ignore me, others I bother
    For the props and top dollar, g I'm doin what I gotta, see
    I puts the fear in ya heart kid, I start [fuckin] for nuttin
    And no this ain't the dope that catch ya cuttin, bust
    Now's the time to make my move cos I'm out to do tha
    Kid that tried to slip for some buda, sleep (word up)
    I peeped every spot his boys be, I got crew
    But what am I do is get somebody new to do it for me
    I'm catchin wreck to prove a point, time is loot
    And I ain't spinnin it in the joint but better yet
    These days I'm all professional, some new [shit] I got
    I check this nigga that I used to snatch jewels wit
    Back in the day but nevertheless the kid's ass' slingin gas
    To pay bills to 'ford some pills that kill stress (I hear ya kid)
    Now as for me g let's just say I learnt the rules
    I paid my dues and now I cruise in my lexus
    No better time than the present to make him an offer
    He can't refuse but might regret it, so i'ma set it


    Verse 2: dray

    Well, umm, take this job and shove it
    Punk [fuck] it, another day of workin
    My boss is on my back and I'm about to go berserkin
    Catch a fit money grip cos pumpin gas is a bitch way
    Niggas be ridin by my job and frontin like they bitchin
    I wanna bust wit disgust cos I'm sour (aha)
    Takin all the [shit] and only gettin four dollars a hour
    There go some bitches swearin that they better
    Givin a cold shoulder as they roll by in the [fuckin] jetter
    I gets no pay though cos they know that you know
    Can't wait to take a [fuckin] break so I can go and puff this buddha
    I'm bustin my ass but my cash just ain't stockin
    Now who's this creepin up the [fuckin] block-in?
    Clockin, lookin like he really wanna test this
    Just another dick, I oughta stick him for that lexus
    The [shit] is killin me, why this kid grillin me?
    Actin like he wanna bust caps and start fillin me
    Up wit some hot [shit], I spot [shit], I'm buggin
    I fuckin know this nigga because he used to be thuggin
    My area, causes hysteria, I guess he chillin
    We used ta rob niggas back in the day when I was illin
    Like jaw-cappin niggas just for yappin
    He claim he got some loot that I can make, I give a clappin
    Umm, let him kick it cos I ain't tryin to sink in
    I need to make this dough so now ya know he got me thinkin


    Interlude: dray & (books) conversing

    Yo what up kid? I know that was you b, yo waz up?
    (yo what up kid? yo, I'm just out here doin my thing man
    I'm tryin ta make this loot man, what up to you? )
    Yo what's up? put me on kid, ya see what I'm doin? ?
    (I'm sayin man, what you doin man? )
    Word up, I get off in a few b
    (aight! yo I'm tryin ta see ya, word is bond!)
    Yo yo, I ain't frontin kid, word is bond!
    (yo i'ma see ya aight)

    Verse 3: dray, books

    Bringin it back cos now I'm wit it
    I'm lookin ta make this loot so now I figure
    I hooked up with this nigga
    Because he bound to make my pocket's bigger
    I'm lookin ta do this just gimme the cue and I'm willin
    He scooped up, suit me up
    Boost me ups so now I guess we're chillin

    I'm guessin we're like on some back-in-the-day [shit]
    I need you to do me this
    Justice, some busters keep on playin me on some stupid [shit]
    Crab nigga, up on the block he's just a tad bigger
    Time to earn the cash so here's the burner and the match nigga

    Yeah yeah yeah that sound cool so gimme the 2 because I'm on it
    I leave em layin stiff and if that's how ya really want it
    I'm buggin when I pull it, watch the bullet leave em leakin
    Yo, hold up, cops! yo I think them cops is peepin

    Oh [shit], where they at? stash the gat, toss the erb 'cause
    Jakes checkin my plates and I'm tryin not to swerve, word
    My nuts is shot, I think these cops is like schemin g
    I'm pullin to the curb because these *? hertz? * is high -beamin me
    *police sirens*


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