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    For the streets, y'all

    Bang it in the clubs, y'all

    [ VERSE 1: Skoob ]

    Aiyo, I kiggedy-came back cause my fans was callin

    My Lower East Side boriquas to Spanish Harlem

    My squad is sick, giggedy-got a squad of chicks

    That'll rob a chick (for what) for her Prada shit

    In the hood crackfiends keep my Ordo clean

    I'll turn a room full of dykes to a porno scene

    Henny and Coke, nah, higgedy-Henny and smoke

    I don't love her, throw a rubber on the jimmy and stroke

    My game tight like Dreamcast

    Half these niggas never seen cash

    Half my street team tryin clean cash

    I play the hood in a tinted down dark somethin

    We finish it, now who the fuck want start somethin?

    You fuckin with the unfuckable, untouchable

    Get this cash, what's my last name? A Huxtable

    Fuck a Rolls, give me a 5 and I'm good

    This ain't a sit-com, my dogs tryin to survive in the hood

    [ CHORUS ]

    Yo yo, all my honeys, if you love hip-hop

    Get money if you love hip-hop

    Yeah, show your titties if you love hip-hop

    (Cause we them bitches, what?)

    Yo yo, all my dogs, if you love hip-hop

    Yeah, make money if you love hip-hop

    Grab your dick if you love hip-hop

    Cause we them niggas

    [ VERSE 2: Dray ]

    You miggedy-might know the kid, I'm from around the way

    I stay on the go and smoke a pound a day

    It's Dray, I lock it down like it 'posed to be

    And ain't niggedy-none of y'all comin close to me

    I run through, 1-2, criggedy-crush the scene

    Now look, all the chicks riggedy-rush the team

    To get it on with the mack, on in the back

    Hit the studio and get it on with the track

    Then I run around like I own the town

    Own the crown, yo Boogie Bang, hold me down

    See, I'm from the streets where the hustlers play

    Police come through and we ain't got nothin to say

    From Jersey, dunn, piggedy-pack a dirty gun

    Underneath the miggedy-Marbury jersey, dunn

    It's one for all, bust rhymes, guns and all

    It's Diggy-Das, no doubt, we the ones to call

    [ CHORUS ]

    [ VERSE 3: Skoob ]

    Yo yo, you know how I get when I'm in the club

    I'm linin up every dime in the club and tryin to get love

    I'm buyin em bub' at the bar unfoldin my stack

    Committed hoodrat holdin my gat

    She only speak through the hole in my gat

    Put a hole in your face, try and run, she put a hole in your back

    Either or, it don't matter, liggedy-lemonhead chickenhead

    She leave a nigga dead, BK to ??????

    [ Dray ]

    I give her bread but she better bring the change back (don't play)

    I'm from the hood and ain't never gonna change that (no way)

    You know my steez, blow my trees

    I riggedy-rep that shit cause I know mamis

    That don't play, spend cash and ball

    And piggedy-puff hydro and blaze hash and all

    I like my drinks strong, my cigar Cuban

    Biggedy-by now you know how the god's groovin

    Come on

    [ CHORUS ]

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