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    Yo it's the host wit da most, kid
    Comin from the east coast
    Yo it's the host wit da most, kid
    Comin from the east coast
    Yeah it's the host wit da most, kid
    Comin from the east coast
    Word bond, it's the host wit da most, kid
    Yeah comin from the east coast

    Verse 1: dray

    Well I'm suprised, open your eyes because it's me, g
    I mention I sling the slang wit me and my man just like it's a frisbee
    Ya flimsy, my thinga-majig is the illest, I throw it like willis
    Heiman, when I'm rhymin I'm makin the pape's like simon
    Says ta, my stick it ta master, I still be the best-a
    I figgity [fuck] the flame but in the sun, now time for esther
    So hi-ho I'm silver, I'm makin the pape's when I kicks
    The [shit] that'll make you muck when I lose his fleas, lice and his ticks
    For the chicks, I be on my good foot, you get that ass kicked
    So yibbida yabber yoozy, [fuck] that floozy suzy chapstick
    So here boy, here boy, come get some, it's krazy
    I'm swingin my dukes of hazard just like ? ? ? ? on daisy
    I'm swayze


    Verse 2: books

    Aiyo well here's the story, niggas is sleepin, nighty nighty
    Lord almighty, I'm bringin it live g, see I be
    Flippin and rippin a tongue but some niggas don't seems to digs me
    So I switch, b, like billy bigsby cos I'm the [shit], g
    U hoo dixie, they dribblin in they timberlands
    I criminal mix styles, oh I flow like adrenaline
    Yikes man, the nigga is nice man so thinkin I lost it
    But I be icin crews wit the flakes til they frosted
    So hip hip hooray, wantin me while I do a
    New way to school a new jay, you say
    "holy shamrocks, the man rocks with no beef or ham hocks"
    Oh yes-in, send the rest in, peace to grandpops


    Verse 3: dray

    Well um, knock knock, who's that? guess what? my crew's back
    Rippin the hip-hop, penelope pitstop
    Doin the bitin, the shit I be writin, you're givin me rabies
    They oughta be usin my terms for sperm and makin babies
    Hey ladies, I know my a-b's, I'm makin cd's
    I heard you was eatin your spinach boy, you better be eatin your weeties
    Comprendo, so let your friends know I'm losin my noodle
    Cos when it be time to doodle, I lose my scruples, ask my pupils
    I'm the slippery slang slipper, quick to clip a qb
    Shooby dooby dooby, I do that new g
    So you be kool & the gang and I puts my slang in
    Hangin loosely, oh yes g, niggas be wantin to test me


    Verse 4: books

    Hear ye, hear ye, don't look any further g, see he here is
    Still mic checkin [shit], still dead serious
    Hello there, I didn't go nowhere, whatup with the static g?
    I be damagin niggas' fronts like them creases in your cavity
    For real though, jumpin jallopy's, I'm rougher than hockey
    I drop these bumpy cos my style is knock-kneed
    So me and my-a, I'm flyer than the witches sweeper
    Jeepers, keep ya jump, jump into it like aretha
    I boogie bang bang the thang like a cramp style slant
    Niggas be tryin to hang but they can't g
    Will agains, I'm gettin elegant with the skill again
    It don't mean a thang if I ain't got my philly, kid

    Chorus (x2)

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