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    Verse one

    Well biggedy bust a mover
    I biggedy be the trooper cause I'm slammin
    I'm ready to check this jam
    That this  is havin
    I'm audi, I'm riggedy rollin four deep, don't sweat it
    I'm troopin it with my niggaz, east new york is where I'm headed
    I'm friggedy freshly dipped, cold as shit but money I'm rugged
    I'm rockin my forty belows in the snow so yo bug it
    Yo fellaz, let's giggedy grab the train, fuck the walkin
    Aaah, here we go, yo, why these people hawkin?
    You you stupid , you look at my crew and now you're thinkin
    (they must be wildin...-= is that them stinkin? )
    Fuck no you wan-ton soup serving
    You're staring, you beady eyed bastard link
    Whaddya think dick?  I'm comin around the train and bumrush ya
    Give me a ten foot pole and I wouldn't even touch ya
    Hey lady, I see you sittin by the conductor
    Thinkin that I'm a nigga, you figure I wanna fuck ya
    Fuck there goes my beeper now these people think I'm slingin
    Rocks by the blocks and killin em by the millions
    But yo hops, here kiggedy comes my stop now I'm audi
    I giggedy gots to go you motherfuckers think I'm rowdy and

    Verse two

    The people love it
    I'm swingin it from the lifestyles of the ruff and rugged
    They got me upstate troop, so fuck it
    In penile, I'm hard as a fuckin brick I wreck shop
    Money grip, I'm up in the yard fightin kids till I drop
    But, I'm out now, so fuckers around the way are sweatin my peoples
    Not worried about a new jack black my shit is diezel
    Cause I pack, steel, I got the back, wheel
    And plus I got the yung and the resless watchin my back, still
    Because I'm runnin the ave again
    I'm back in the game with my neighbor
    Up on the ave runnin guns that was to be the new flavor
    And I'm wid it, my cousin's throwin a jam tonight I figures
    That I'm bringin all my guns and I'm bringin all my niggaz
    (don't go hangin out with no niggaz...-= that's the life, that I lead)
    You figgedy fuck around you lay around I told my cousin
    First kill the flex, word is born i'ma bug him
    We spiggedy spark the buddha now I got the devil in me
    I'm sick, quick to smoke a nigga like a chimney
    I'm packin a clip, ready to flip, just me and my friends
    Twenty deep and two deep, a b-m-w and a benz, rollin

    Verse three

    Brrr, it's cold as shit, liggedy split I think we're here g
    Fuck I forgot her address, yo fellaz just bear with me
    Yo stevie, remember the crib she was tellin us that she chilled in
    Well there go the block she live on and I think that's her buildin

    Let the games begin I'm packin my steel with nuff dreads
    In front of the buldin shit's thick cause all I could see was nuff heads
    But I know them, we're spiggedy sparkin blunts and squeezin triggers
    Bustin caps with my troops and a buncha other niggaz

    Awww shit, niggaz is bustin caps, fuck that
    I'm ready to find this crib, where this bitch live at?
    Let's see, none of them kids right there heard of shorty
    Whadup duke, any y'all niggaz heard about this party?

    Who the fuck are you g? you couldn't be talkin to me hops
    Get off that bullshit kid or get your teeth dropped
    Cause out here, the biggedy bumrush is mad thick
    I'm ready to catch a body so you might get had quick

    A'ight g, I'll biggedy back up but kill the yappin
    Don't play me for no sucker motherfucker it won't happen
    Yo fellaz, let's biggedy break north before I flip
    I'm sick of the way these punk niggaz always talkin shit

    Punk what? you stupid motherfuck, is you crazy?
    I'm liggedy loadin my clip about to flip, you're swayze
    I'm ready to light em up the four fifth is set to ill
    So I tightens up my hoody so noone can see the grill

    Yo what the fuck you doin man?  (blam-blam)

    (ohh shit)

    What the fuck, now what?
    Where your man at now g, what?
    Yo blitz, yo blitz yo let's be out

    Figgedy fuck it
    I caught another body now I'm back up
    State doin a year and a half until my court date

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