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    Books] Gimme gimme dat microphone  
    "One wrecks  the other destroys"   > Erick Sermon (repeat 2X)  
    *repeat all 4X*  
    Oahh kay  oahh kay; as we go and do it  do it like this  
    It's like this and you don't stop  
    Word is bond when we kick  
    So I'ma get on  and swing it somethin like this  
    Verse One: Books  Drayz  
    You punk niggaz gel up  when I swell up  spark the el up  
    By the way troop    oops  I feel a new style developing  
    So safety stellar, I'm not the Baby Bubba on the level  
    I crush shins, the roughest hardrocks to Fruity Pebbles  
    Well nigga, boo hops, you know my crew rocks, who wanna test me?  
    I'm next G, heavens to Betsy, I sting like Pepsi  
    or Coca, Cola-swola, niggaz higher  
    when I fly up these niggaz bitch-ups, but y'all can dry up  
    I be the jibber-jabber, quick to make a nigga stagger  
    like some rocka, Blanka, I bake that ass like Betty Crocker, momma  
    You need to stop in-filling your pockets off that pop *shit*  
    Ai yi yi my dreads, I think I'm toxic  
    Well yo I'm cuckoo but not for Cocoa, some say I'm loco  
    *Fuck* around and catch a cap like Mary Buttafuoco  
    So you know, that I'ma follow you wit the drama  
    Slice em, dice em, and ice that ass like Jeffrey Dahmer  
    [Books] Gimme dat microphone  
    "One wrecks, the other destroys" --> Erick Sermon (repeat 2X)  
    *repeat all 4X*  
    Verse 2: Books, Dray  
    Tick tock, can I slide that cock up in your tummy dear?  
    I drop a ounce and then I bounce just like a Gummy Bear  
    Be kickin it like the rapper kicks the bucket dig it  
    Uhh, ah *shit*, now whatta I have to do to prove I'm rugged?  
    I wear my hair crazy like them niggaz Red and Grady  
    Punks just serve up, clever like Alice, serve the Brady Bunch  
    I makes em wheeze up, cause when I ease up, I eat MC's up  
    I leave em on their backs layin flat with they knees up  
    Eureka, musta speak uhh, re-aversin person  
    No rehearsin I can flip it in reverse and  
    change em, rearrange em, supa-dupa  
    Faze em, daze em and blast that ass with diff'rent days-in  
    [Books] Gimme dat microphone  
    "One wrecks, the other destroys" --> Erick Sermon (repeat 2X)  
    *repeat all 4X*  
    Verse 3: Skoob, Dray  
    Well blow, me down, great Scott, I'm wilder than the rock  
    in the winter, man my 40 Timberlands hit the spot  
    His pops name is Alvin, my sister's name is Kitty  
    My rap was for fools like some silicon titties  
    HIYA, I kicked it and there it goes my *?an?* abuse  
    My style is a child like now it's fatter than Roseanne's  
    Well check how I'ma wreck it when I'm, droppin, this rhyme  
    Don't let me have to transform like Op-ti-mus Prime  
    Cause then I'ma have to flip the script and get dready  
    Run laps around your *faggot* crew like Mario Andretti  
    When I expand like spandex, my jam wrecks the Ampex  
    You better be on the way before I'm doin you and ya man next  
    [Books] Gimme dat microphone  
    "One wrecks, the other destroys" --> Erick Sermon (repeat 2X)  
    *repeat all 4X

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