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    Verse: [das efx]

    Biggidee back from vacation
    Here to rock the whole nation
    Diggie das epmd invation
    Down diffa don, down diffa do, wiggidee one two
    Til we do, wiggidee rock the fubu
    The official, launch the missile
    Blow the whistle at the art-official
    Miggidee mix sure to south central
    Forget you, like amnesia, biggidee 'bove the reefa
    Cheap, but das came to please ya
    Take the bever, now we back son, tougher action
    Zoom das, zoom das, satisfaction
    Biggidee back pop popular, hip hoppin' 'em
    The hit squad, def squad still rockin' 'em

    Verse: [parrish smith (epmd)]

    It's everytime we rock a bomb, we get ya mind open
    The mic's blazin', smokin', he was chokin'
    We don't remove walls, boom docks, plus the sua
    We bring it to ya, we nightmare like freddy krueger
    So call me drama, trauma, slash comma, no one to bomba
    Eat tracks like jeffrey dahmer, from def jam
    The east west check my streetbreath, no weak steps
    Or rest with the ? ? ? , check my repetoir
    Mangin' on the resevoir, I'm eatin' caviar
    Ey yo I'm really try to do this far
    Epmd and das efx cold blazin' it, no face in it
    Got the whole world chasin' it, the scream show up
    Never rock you like my boa, the I'll flow up
    Came back cause we knowed ya, another go round
    Grab the mic, put the flow down, you court mo'
    G minus 7, we 'bout to bring now

    Chorus: [das efx]

    Represent my, generation!
    Here we go, all we wanna do is flow
    All we know is get the dough

    Verse: [das efx]

    Diggidee yes yes yo, to the beat yo
    No matter what the game, before you walk you got to crawl
    Long term plannin', I make ya bounce like a mars, line affects candy
    And let the music play like zany
    And feeds your eyes and what you never tought you see again
    Diggidee das and nigga the epmd again
    Ask the mildest skill
    We built to puff trees and with ya now hit squad, kansas
    The diggidee suck d's
    All my niggaz sqeeze, jiggaz get hot, we freeze
    Niggaz in the street keep figgaz, can't fuck with these niggaz
    Show stop us, we off the baileys and the ruckus
    Dread not a rasta, I'll be back asta

    Verse: [erick sermon (epmd/def squad)]

    What the deal is son, ain't this some shit?
    Caps frontin' for I even come out this bitch
    You forget who we are? recognize, we spark the benz
    Then split the game to the kids
    Now you wanna act like my crew, never happen
    I've payed the way for rappin', last era
    You can say what you want, I sit back and front
    The money, the jewels, the hoe, clothes, you know
    Friends and fools can tell ya so about the lyrical, spiritual
    More it's the miracle, fly individual
    Epmd and das efx might checkin' it
    Side checkin' it!

    Chorus (2x)

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