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    "now I'm gonna show you how the east coast rocks" ---> krs-one
    "baby, baby, baby, baby, clap to this"
    "it's like that y'all, you don't stop"
    *repeat x2*
    "now I'm gonna show you how the east coast rocks"
    "? ? ? are jumpin out of shoes and socks"

    Verse one: dray, books

    Higgity-hey hun, check out the way I friggity-freak the track, umm
    I diggity-do-ray-me-fah-so nigga me go like that, umm
    Wit the books, iggity-oops, I get more poopcrocks for jingle
    I giggity-gots the rhymes like ? ? ? ? ? ? got the wrinkle
    Check the real wild, my I'll style gets worked out like bundy
    I piggity-pack the skits, so save the shit, I'll take you *? mundy? *
    Yes it's i, the yippity zippity bad boy with papers
    I higgity-hump and rump cos I'm rough like sandpaper
    So pucker up and whistle, I blast just like a pistol
    And sharp like a thumbtack and kick like ninjitsu
    I sling raps for hand claps and toe taps, I'm bound, silly creep
    I leave a rapper with a single bound
    Yes I rips up the west, I'm the best, I'm no jokin
    I run up shit creek and freak the backstroke
    So books freak it, provide the funk alligator
    Yo I'm out but "i'll be back" like schwarzenegger

    Wiggity-wait a minute, giggity-guess who, well it's, umm, me
    The bumble b boogity woogity book the loopy
    Double o-k-iggity s, I'm slick
    I giggity-got more stiggity-styles than moby got dick
    Aw shit, I'm swingin it from the east coast, sure
    I don't surf, but got more props than pop smurf
    Who? me, yep, look at the way I'm slingin it to ya poppy
    I riggity rock the crowd at the grand ole opi
    But when speakin upon myself, I stays private like benjamin
    Honey, I'll knock the boots and if you're tough I'll knock the timberland's
    Ooooooh, miggity-major rolex and tick tock
    I'm runnin my tongue with the quickness now I'm back like alfred hitchcock
    I'm shod-dy, I'm swingin it like a san diego padre
    Brooklyn's in the house so motherfuck *? we go swavy? *
    I don't need to diss ya but excuse me mister
    I'm sinkin ya battleships just ask professor or the skipper
    And downnnnnnnn


    Interlude: (*das efx giving shoutouts to other east coast rappers*)

    Verse two: dray, books

    Yo I'm back, black, heavens-to-betsy, time to get deuce
    I take a bite outta crime, wash it down with some juice
    I'm not the new kids, but I'm knockin blocks off, sonny
    Yep I rock like the stones cos I'm rollin in the money
    So diggity-ask about, I know you digs me like a shovel
    I kick straps for sport cos I'm short like barney rubble
    Check the slang, boogity-bang, umm, I goes berserk
    When I flex like popeye, I fight like cap' kirk
    So bozo, I'm knockin em out the box by the pair-em
    High strung, my tongue got moves like fred astaire
    Tally racker, I'm dapper, the rootin tootin rapper
    I diggity-drops the funk so you can call me yippity-yapper
    The slippery slick sister, stiggity-start the grammar
    I'm comin like the red coats to toast an mc hammer
    So jumpin jahosa, that's yesiree
    The books-in-reverse kicks a verse......, aah, bbd
    I whips it, I smacks it, I flips it
    With slick shit, when shit hits the fan, man, I slaps lips
    Like lipstick, I'm harder than a hard-on, never tend up like fiddles
    I bust foots for kicks, eat up trix and some skittles
    Then I'll giggle, hee-hee-ha
    Higgity-hallelujah to-to-dabber-day I'll do ya
    I'm the baddest, got more fans than red jarvis makes a cowboy
    I skip, flip back to dallas
    He's the don, have you seen my grey poupon?
    Bust this, we roll more spliffs than cheech and chong
    We can do this, I kiggity-can't lose like martha lewis
    Get the picture? I rock upon misfa if I was you-is
    Goddamn, I'm sittin on the bay by the dock
    Smokin, strokin on my big fat cock
    Cos spare you, breaker 1-9, what's ya handle?
    Cos now I got the siggity-sock soup like campbell's
    And downnnnnnnnnnnn

    Chorus: (x8)

    "now I'm gonna show you how the east coast rocks" ---> krs-one
    "baby, baby, baby, baby, clap to this"
    "it's like that y'all, you don't stop"

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