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    Dum dum dilly dee dum dum
    (diddy diddy dum dum)
    Dum dum dilly dee dum dum
    (diddy diddy dum dum)
    Dum dum dilly dee dum dum
    (diddy diddy dum dum)
    Dum dum dilly dee dum dum
    (dum dum)

    Verse one: dray

    Aiyo peep it, can you keep it down while I rock
    Tick tock about this chick around the block?
    She was high host, to the most hostess, no boastin
    Back in '85, she was live, yo no jokin
    A real go-getter, didn't try and sweat her
    Fifteen years old and she was pushin a jetter
    She had loot, moms and pops dukes had the bankin
    She walked around school and the stunt would act stankin
    Bitch, young miss, only dated older fellas
    My slang couldn't hang, no thang, I wasn't jealous of her


    Verse two: dray

    Oh yeah, where was i? bustin, now I'm ready
    Now it's '87 and miss thing is goin steady
    She was schoolin, chillin cos her man was makin papers
    Tellin all her friends that these niggas caught the vapors
    He found her, phoned her, then yo we boned her
    Soon came a smack then he act like he owned her
    He used her, 'bused her, fractured her wrist
    Then the tommy got slapped behind her back gettin dissed
    I was buggin, nuff on the stuff that I was seein
    But that's how it goes for the hoes when they're bein......


    Verse three: skoob

    Aiyo mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror on my dresser
    Remember that chick loretta, back in the days I used ta sweat her
    I wanted to smoke the boots, troop, it didn't matter
    She was kickin it to my man stan who's livin phatter
    Than me, hops, chillin in my hoodie and my reebok's
    Now she's in a jam cos, stan was slangin rocks, but
    Look at me now, honey, cos this the morning after
    I'm yapper, a nappy-headed undaground rappa
    Word to mom dukes, she was suits so I took her to my show
    Just to show my niggas that the hooker was.....


    Verse four: skoob

    Ah the show was phat, now it's back to the room, g
    Yo mirror, this is where loretta tried to do me
    My neck was on her tongue, *? ep's? * was gettin swung
    Krayz was gettin biz with the friend that she brung
    Then she took it upon herself to let me know she's in the mood-a
    Then she licked her boot-a, oh shoot-a, I screwed her
    I showed her, I rolled her, from here to north dakota
    I gangbanged the boots like a brooklyn troop oughta
    I stuck it in her [backwards], bust a nut, she was starvin
    So I pushed in the bush til those lips started partin, but she was.......

    Chorus to fade

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