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    Ha ha yeah, huh, uhh
    Uhh yeah, huh, ha ha ha
    Skunk hash in the house
    Uhh uhh, skunk hash representin
    Sess sess on the sack, uhh uhh

    Verse 1:

    Well biggity bang boom bamma, your robby, bustin my grandmother like
    Niggas wanna follow but they know my style varies
    I smoke like a fire and i drink like a fish
    I be the rapper junkie gettin funky, never miss a diss (boy)
    Now is it just me or is it you too?
    But all i wanna do is spark a blunt and drink some fuckin brew (me too
    The weed smoker, mc provoker
    No joker, my style be doper cos it fat like oprah
    Take a toke and blow the smoke like a dragon
    Timberland boots'll keep my fuckin jeans saggin
    Pour out my liquor, bust some niggas that we missin
    It's just a tradition, the 40 keep me drunk and pissin
    This ain't the mission, easy rider's got to go (c'mon)
    We're only smokin phillies, white owls or optimols
    We've got the flows that are better with every letter
    I keep it wetter, niggas better get they shit together
    To raise the lever cos we're never goin out
    So if you didn't know when, nigga this what we about (boy)
    We about uhh


    A 40 and a blunt (you know my steelo)
    A 40 and a blunt (you know, you know my steelo)
    A 40 and a blunt (you know my steelo)
    A 40 and a blunt (you know my stee, you know my steelo)

    Verse 2:

    Ashes to ashes and blunt to blunt
    See i fill em with thai or i fill em with skunk (punk)
    I keeps it on lock but son i gots to come correct (what?)
    The shit that i be smokin get'cha open like a tek
    Check the glaze in my eyes, no disguise
    And i smoke so much boom that i should win a fuckin heisman and wise like
    The wise
    I buys ten bags for dolo (and yo)
    Sick of niggas askin "yo what up with k solo?"
    Well i'ma fuckin bastard when it comes to gettin blasted
    If it's the hashish then fuck that ole two-in-passion
    Cos oh my god, i hog the blunt like a boss
    Baby sip the 'orty til the 'orty get me source
    Court forcin down with no shorts and no laws
    When it's down to the spit like tela rocks and it's yours
    Just take a hit a'time or wacked raps in your slits
    So peep the cracks in my lips to the black fingertips
    Nigga cos i crack you up like the riddler (word up)
    Plus i come to get higher than hitler
    Lay sessions with the skunk, keep my tape stretchin
    From a section to niggas on lock in state correction
    So when i'm in your town at a club near you (aiyo)
    If you got the bomb. mtherfuckers bring it thru
    How we do

    Chorus to fade

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