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    The room is dark, it's quiet, peaceful like a wasteland forest, say
    A bloodred light shines on the walls of your apartment
    As you step into the room
    And you can't hear the sound of laughing from your friends
    Downstairs, cause then you'd bother all too much
    When you're sitting down, you hear a knocking on your door
    And Anemone comes in
    She tells you once again to reflect over your heart and feelings
    Well, here you go again
    Losing all support, the devil's wisdom comes and
    Turns your heart to stone, so cold...
    And you know It doesn't have to be
    So unfortunately, It's just that
    You don't have to be, So unfortuned Nataly
    Anemone is asking questions to the viper in your mind
    She puts her arms around you, Death is all too near
    Suddenly the picture is changing
    Feel like going somewhere else
    The need of strangers comfort will push away your fear
    Don't you think that someone knows and do you think
    That noone ever cares
    Once more the room is quiet, The black dress lies
    On the floor, Anemone puts on her veil and walks gently
    To the door
    You lie in silence upon the bed, You see her
    Shining light and you know
    You will close the door behind
    You scream out loud, You feel the pain is fading out
    And once again the room is dark
    And you know it doesn't have to be
    So unfortunately
    And you don't have to be, So unfortuned Nataly
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