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    Delusive proclaimers
    Chosen by the book to rule
    Given the power to heal
    Twisted, so hard to give up
    So easy to fall in
    A part of you is always
    Going to be
    Twisted, men are gaining listeners
    By telling ordinary stories
    In an unordinary way
    Thou shall not fail
    Twisted, and calling themselves wise men by
    Explaining a matter of course
    Twisted, using and giving in
    Twisted, worshipped by thousands of followers
    Guarded by missionary men
    Waiting for the promised days
    Waiting for their saviour
    Born by the virgin, aren't we all
    Men marry their ribs
    But we turn away, burn our brothers
    Forget the message in the prayers we say
    Twisted, face the wall
    Twisting, avenging spirits, bursting ground
    Turn your hand
    They will start the rain all over
    Waiting for a place to go
    Twisted, face the wall

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