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    I have a light that did not shine
    I have seen a mirror crushed to pieces
    A mirror showing the best of me
    A mirror broken by a tragedy
    Here offering you tales of madness
    About a dog who came crawling back
    Reconcider twice before I tell you
    The chapter and verse, the pain to be
    We're too devided to be as one
    I'm lost on this road, truly blind
    A dying rose, still a living lie
    Keeps away those things that makes me cry
    So I'm the devil in your world
    Kill my shadow and my soul
    In my grave I'll cry for love
    Useless to the hights above
    My mirror is broken and coloured black
    A splinter though is red as blood
    This little piece I try to keep
    The memory of you, I keep it deep...

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