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    You pester me, You make me sick
    Befoul the world with rhapsody and rumors
    Your simian faces shines with envy
    To mattoid leaders and damned religions
    You slackers, Infatuated fools
    Too scared to stand up for your own opinions
    Act like savages, You bedim my life
    Jealous doodles, Just wait and I'll break your bones
    Do you think that I'd pray for you
    What would you do for me
    So vanish, push away the gothamite
    Strike them out, so that we can be the stars
    You crackpots, you aggro, septic whores
    Mainstream followers, Grotty wannabees
    You annoy me with selfgood arrogance
    And turn to meemies filled up with prejudice
    Spread rumors like toxic waste around you
    Who dares talking in our Presidents hall
    Yes, you turn out to be bumsucking dopeys
    And you wonder why you punks make me sick

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