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    In your window
    In midnight hours
    You open up wide
    Move across the floor
    Still nothing inside
    You reveal your skin (slow)
    Expose your flesh (dirty)
    You drop your coat and
    Your silhouette cast a hand for light
    What if you're exploating (come with me)
    Domains beyond your reach
    I tell you stand back or it will surround you
    Watch him humiliated
    Behold the way they seem
    The corruption will lead astray
    Satisfied to be neglected
    All to keep her love
    Your still unconscious and beautiful (who, me?)
    But naked and wounarable
    You say you'd like to know me (ooh)
    Split visions, I wouldn't want to hurt you
    By bringing you inside
    Oh no, it's cold ice-conditions
    I stand strong and unaffected as a result of their narrative art
    Don't lower your defence
    See through the image
    Unless you want to be their prey
    Promises will be broken
    When you've reached too close
    Promises will be broken
    And illusions built
    In your window (don't turn)
    An aesthetic experience
    I'll await the course of events (tell me)
    I hope you'll stay inside
    I'll keep your soul unbreakable
    Believe me you don't want to be here with me
    I'd like to come inside (shhh)
    I'd like to...
    And the history repeating
    Why am I afraid to hurt you
    Well, it's not me, it's the presence of my memories that scare me
    All cause I...
    Watched him humiliated
    Beheld the way they seem
    The corruption did lead astray
    He was satisfied to be neglected
    All to keep her love

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