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    Now you know what you've been fighting for
    Now I know what you've been fighting for
    And you've achieved all that you wanted
    I've tried to kill it on and on and on and on
    You don't know it yet
    But this is the end
    And I want to ask you
    Are you happy now
    Well I've been through this before
    I've seen and heard all this before
    On board this ship there's not much left worth fighting for
    But I've closed my eyes, unwilling to let go
    So I stay to resuscitate
    Build a treasure of violated love
    But I find I'm not alone with my suspended breath
    I don't know what it is that keeps you there to disregard me
    I wished for once this wasn't true
    Now we now it's real, it moves, it kills, it's all about you

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