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    I know you
    You're out there
    But do you really know who I am
    Can you hear me if I scream
    Can you recall me now
    Can you tell pleasure from pain
    Or is your love but a drug
    Then ask me to follow that road again
    You know.... I'd rather be dead
    Now listen
    Do you know the Goddess you pray to
    An icon or is she for real
    Do you know she favours her mistress
    Do you know it's me
    Our God is a blind one
    Don't think that you'll be seen
    Your gift is a heartache
    But don't think it will bother me
    Despair my pale angel
    I'll lay you down to sleep
    So that this world won't be frightening to thee
    I'll show you what's hidden
    Beneath the cross that I precede
    It's not very different
    But I'm trapped in this you see
    Can you hear me if I scream
    Can you recall me now

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