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    Black Debonair
    Black Debonair
    Through the mist of my eyes
    And the raining of tears
    Under dark skies
    Nothing looks so easy
    Than the hardest things to do
    And nothing looks so hard
    Than the easy words to say
    Turning round and round, round, round
    I found myself in a bar
    With a girl at my side
    And she said
    "Give me a whiskey
    And a gingerale at the side"
    At her side
    I was sitting for hours
    Just staring at her sunny shine face
    She was, Easy come
    Hard to hold, Easy go
    The pavement my feet walks upon
    Is filled with cracks
    Some day I might fall
    Tous jours, oui Tous jours, Tous jours
    Voul avez vu l'enfant
    De violence
    You look at a picture of
    Me in my youth and it still affects me
    Nothing really matters and
    Noone really cares
    I was looking for her eyes
    But I searched too far
    In a passion of warm colours
    I swept away and told her:
    "You're like smooth
    Like eyes and lips
    You're like dreaming
    Like nice and trips"
    But nothing really mattered and
    She really didn't care
    It rained all night
    And hailed all day
    And I ran out of light
    Just as I threw my matches away
    Promising salvation
    I kissed her pale flaking lips
    I took two not very deep
    Breaths, then
    Threw myself into oblivion
    Despite the promises
    I suddenly, when it all
    Ended up, found myself
    At the edge of the water
    Under the dark skies
    And everything was gone...

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