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    Look above to stormswept skies
    Towards the gates of Hades
    I am drifting with the tide
    On a path that candles light
    I will follow your way
    Reaching for your hand

    A faithful desire - flames light the twilight
    A star has died before my eyes
    Through this storm of fire - as it falls upon me
    In the endless shine

    The light that beams only for me

    Night will fall as I meet you within the light
    And I laugh at the ruins of time
    Go ahead through this passage and I will guide
    This last starlight's return to the sky

    Unknown powers guide my trail
    Crawl beneath my skin
    And rip apart the heart that failed
    Gazing down on stormy grounds
    Diabolic scenery
    Where beyond our truth is found

    Foretold and forgotten - like a word of wisdom
    That a fool is pulling down
    Beguiled by the rotten - that there's no more time
    To turn the page and save the light...

    ...The light that beams only for me

    So come down to waters wild
    Take my hand and follow
    As it's told, but never done
    Just across this sunken shrine
    Keeping candles burning
    As your star by moonlight shines

    Escape from debauchment - Diabolarch's laughing
    Soon will ring his own demise
    And on this horizon watch a fallen rising
    Taking place by Venus' side

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