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    Drowning in fire where it never rains
    Burning desire has all the waters drained
    Waves of the flood leave the world in flames
    Soil's boiling blood and flashes strike his son's wain

    Flesh and thunder and blood and lightning

    Sol et Nox in heavens hot they feast
    Flesh and thunder and blood and lightning
    By the eyes of the Gods the night is seized

    Taming the horses, impossible to steer

    Flaming -the passion- rides into his bane
    For all who can see soon it will peer
    Doomsday will be, showing the sun's wane
    My world is on fire, the heat is my domain
    Like suns, even brighter if I don't draw the rein
    In fervour I shall sear to swallow all the pain
    Souls unite in tears, forever there to reign

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