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    Across the light blue sky
    There are nothing but clouds
    And all the trees once green
    Have dropped their lifeless leaves
    Where is the blackest rose
    The only one I would choose
    Her colourful bloom's all I need
    For my dark ego to feed

    On the search for the flower desired
    Find the way, find the way to her
    Through the shadows by shining fire
    Find the way

    The search for the black rose has ended here
    She is standing right in front of my eyes
    I'm kneeling down, stretch my hand to pick
    The flower to quench my desire
    My heart bleeds as the bloom loses all her colours
    My finger bleeds as a thorn pricks it
    She hurts others for not being hurt herself
    ...Hurt herself

    Wounds heal and you'll see
    That a rose is not only there to hurt you

    Beyond the dark grey clouds
    There is nothing but light
    At night the stars will shine bright
    When wind thrusts the grey clouds aside
    I see red roses in bloom
    Their beauty and nothing like gloom
    Only a fool couldn't see
    What I've just discovered for me

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