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    Now finally on the way
    Strong winds will take us home
    No one we will obey
    But our gods all alone
    The oars are gliding in
    The blackened nordic sea
    And driven by the wind
    The waves we must defeat

    The voice we can here is the old northern call
    Still guiding us on our course
    This song in the wind born in warrior's hall
    Is leading our way back home

    Arrival is a feast
    We've been gone for far too long
    Remembering the dead
    Many brothers, they are gone
    But with their swords in hand
    And restless souls within
    We'll return to the land
    That they are buried in

    You feel the bond when you are born
    Where mountains touch the sky
    Eternal ice and raging storms
    Up where the eagles fly
    You hear the hooves of Sleipnir pound
    Wolves and ravens by his side
    With one eye watch us through the clouds
    And take us as we die

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