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    The wideness of the air is my domain
    Mine is the sky
    Mine are the omniscient eyes
    Brother of the tempest and the wind
    Master of all
    The Gates of Tenebra within

    Fly up to the sky my dragon son
    Storm and thunder guide your way, ablaze and shine
    See with watchful eyes my dragon son
    Keep in mind the oath of mine with truth and light

    Once I was the victim of the greed
    Cursed for all times
    Thirsting for sky and light
    Imprisoned by the gold beyond the gate
    Until a bright
    Beautiful beam lit my way

    Rule with breath of fire my dragon son
    Seek beyond Tenebra's sun the light of yours
    Cry out for my name my dragon son
    Trust the flame of mine for I will come

    Fire is the throne of the night
    Trust in thee, as my powers will rise
    As we'll return, vengeance will burn
    Scream through the night, that Tenebra will shine

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