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    While the Sea of Sand┬┤s getting larger - in ev┬┤ry Step you take
    You┬┤ll find yourself attracted by the Glimpse of Fury deep inside
    In ev┬┤ry Moment, to ev┬┤ry Direction - the perfect Angle sends his Light
    For the mercyless Judgement to be ratified

    Chorus 1
    Dreams and Visions of Trees in the Wideness pass my Mind
    Like a Storm of Desire in the fires gratified
    Feel the Breeze on your Skin - to release from Sin
    See before your Eyes the Oasis arise

    The febrile Impressions are sent from the Past - showing Cities of Sand filled by ancient Hordes in the Names of Their┬┤s
    Time goes by and the Sea takes it┬┤s Children - back home to the Pale
    No Signs left for the Future - impenetrable Trail

    Chorus 1

    With the Dawn getting closer the Lights fall - the Silence┬┤s last Shout
    Goes out into the Wide where the Night comes - one last prance of Fright Future plans with no Chance of Fulfilment - discarding a Life
    While this Sea shows no Mercy the Hordes arrive

    Chorus 2
    Ancient Riders of Sand in the Wideness pass my Eye
    Closing in on the Trail of all wishes and Desires
    See them ride like the Wind - to fulfill your Please
    They┬┤re taking you home to the Pale of the Seas

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