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    Down in this valley, lost and obscure
    Rivers are peaceful and shallow
    I came this way on a sunny, bright day
    Confounded by traces I followed
    Did they return or never die
    Were they not touched by the years that went by
    Once broken eyes with this mighty disguise
    See what all wicked survived

    Hide in the sunset - Silva Mea
    Screams in the night - lost ancient light
    One with this forest - Silva Mea
    The candle of time I blew out, this is mine

    Farther and farther within this woods
    Bloom the most beautiful flowers
    Steps make no sound on this velvety ground
    Where life's not depending on hours
    Onward they fly, cross clearest skies
    Power and beauty of wild, pounding life
    Eternally free, towards paradise flee
    Escaping from mortal men's eyes

    And when the light of eternity falls
    Bright eyes will blink from the shadows
    Safe in the arms of this magical warmth
    Tranquillity roams through the meadows
    Out of the haze there stands amazed
    By sparkling and glistening shimmer embraced
    The overwhelmed son with the wisdom to come
    To tell where the children have gone

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